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Karen A. Silien, Ph.D.

Founder Creative Consultant

Karen loves learning, playing in nature, and people. Combining these interests in her career as a psychologist, Karen leads a thriving private practice and consulting business. She serves as an adjunct Professor in Human Development Counseling at Vanderbilt University. A highly sought after speaker and trainer, Karen gives workshops for professionals and public audiences with an emphasis on personal development, self-care skills, strengths based leadership and well-being.

Karen is developing a model of InBodied psychotherapy. It blends the creative interface of art and science with body knowing through the use of writing, guided imagery, visualization, breath work and experiential interventions. Karen is honored to be an ongoing part of the annual Invitational Symposium on Well-Being hosted by the Center for Consciousness and Transformation at George Mason University. Karen is consultant with Elements Behavioral Health which involves teaching and training professionals.


Karen earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and American Studies at Rutgers College. After earning a Master’s degree in Counseling at Penn State, Karen worked for many years in higher education administration. She was among the pioneers in the service learning and leadership development movements and co-founded the National Leadership Symposium in 1990. With the National Association of Campus Activities, she co-led Train the Trainers Retreats and claimed her love of teaching and training in a retreat setting.

Seeking scientist-practitioner training, Karen pursued a Ph.D. in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from the University of Memphis. She moved to Nashville to complete her clinical internship and post-doctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center, intending to stay just a short time. Thirteen years later, the vitality of the creative, collaborative, musical and intellectual energies of Nashville make it feel like home to this native New Jersey girl. Karen was a founding member and served as President of the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee. She serves on the Board at Gilda’s Club Nashville where she has fun leading vegetarian cooking classes and joy of juicing classes. A National Public Radio nerd, Karen serves on the community advisory board at WPLN.

Background on Karen

Like the rest of us, Karen’s body has its own story and journey. Through diaries, poetry and journaling, Karen has been writing her story since she was nine years old. Diagnosed with scoliosis in the 3rd grade, a metal brace served as scaffolding for her young, growing body. Practicing yoga in her twenties reminded her of the physical therapy she did as a child: stretching, lengthening and resting, all in service of growing her spine. Twenty-five years later, yoga remains a touchstone of InBodied wisdom and comfort for her physical and emotional well-being.

A life long learner, Karen usually has her eye toward the next learning adventure; she aspires to someday earn the Master Sommelier diploma. The pass rate is about 10% … these odds encourage her.

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